Monday, June 14, 2010

The Other (Wo)man

I know it has been a while since I blogged. I have been a busy bee with school. And now that it is over (got my A!!), I am gonna be all over this blog like white on rice. There's quite a bit to talk about, so bear with me as you see a plethora of topics.

Going back to something I blogged about a while back, I have decided to continue on that subject. When the husband cheats on the wife who has decided to stay with him, the woman he is cheating with is what we black folk call a "home wrecker". Don't get me wrong, this word is unisex, because women cheat too. But I will be speaking from a female point of view. This "home wrecker"...well...wrecks homes. She comes into a "happy" home, and starts sleeping with the husband. As time goes on, the husband starts to come home late, pick unnecessary fights with his wife, and just generally abandons his family. The home wrecker has taken the wife's place.

But does the woman not realize that it will happen to her? I mean, what made her think she was special? If they were meant to be together, I'm sorry, but he would have been with her in the first place. Now, men don't even wait for their divorces to be final before they are seen with other women. Homegirl can't even wait.

This has been happening for years, but no one has been talking about it. A spouse cheats, and people look the other way (like my mother's generation). And then we have the celebrities who feel like because they have money, all sense of morality is gone. From Gabrielle Union (never liked the chick anyway) to our favorite "Superwoman" Alicia Keys (my respect for her has gone from up there to negative infinity), these women think that it's okay. Dang, wait for the divorce to be final!!! Sheesh...fair enough, it looks like Dwyane Wade's ex-wife is on some other crazy ish, but still don't make it right for Gabby to just screw someone else's man. Alicia on the other hand....girrrrrl, for that child's sake, I hope you are the last baby mama/wife. Cuz poor baby got three other half- brothers and sisters, and 3's a crowd, don't you think?

I have been the home wrecker before. Back in my naive days. When I had no care in the world but my own. I was dating a guy who had a girlfriend, and after some time, he left her for me. I was so happy because I felt so special. Here I was thinking that we would be together forever. A few months later, he meets someone else, and I was left alone. I tell ya, Karma didn't have mercy on me. That b*tch bit me HARD in my toosh. And it hurt. So anyone who decides to take upon that role of "home wrecker", beware, it may feel and look all good and sweet in the beginning, but it never ends well. You may end up with the man, but trust you are not special. He will do it again. And trust me, I have no bit of bitterness. It's just the truf.

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  1. Well said. When you throw ashes into the wind, it most definitely would blow back onto your face.

  2. I like that quote...will definitely use that!