Friday, June 25, 2010

Rape-aXe: anti-Rape or pro-Murder?

When you look at that, what do you see? I see torture. I see one BIG mistake. Don't get me wrong, rape is WRONG WRONG WRONG, but if this is the way to catch the perp, are only pushing the man to kill the woman.

And clearly, this is only for male rapists. There ARE female rapists out there, but I guess for Sonnette Ehlers, she is protecting the women in South Africa - where this was created.

This is Rape-aXe, an anti-rape condom worn by a woman like it is a tampon. If she is attacked and the perp is trying to escape, the razor sharp barbs will attach to the penis, making it extremely painful for the perp. He will not be able to walk or pee, and it has to be surgically removed by a doctor.

So much sounds so wrong there.

1) Razor sharp barbs????!
2) Surgically removed by the doctor????!
3) Razor sharp barbs?????!

I don't even have a penis, and all I can say is OUCH!!! So this doesn't even PREVENT rape, it just stops it from the guy doing it a second time. They were handing this thing out during a World Cup match y'all!!! I don't know what I would do if I saw it. The woman can't even remove it herself, she has to go to a doctor. But wait...a woman puts it on, walking around with this thing. I mean, where is she going to go get raped? I know NO ONE asks to get hurt (unless you stupid), but it's like wearing Rape-aXe you are daring someone to hurt you. Like whaaa....? I don't even know what to say about this anymore.

On the website's Q&A section (her responses stay crackin' me up..."He will have some explaining to do to his wife or girlfriend how he encountered those scars"...LMAO), someone pointed out that HIV/AIDS could spread, and Ehlers said that the sheath of the condom protects any leakage into the woman. First of all, call me ignorant, or just plain stubborn, but I refuse to believe that. Are you serious??? Should the woman worry about AIDS when she's probably gonna be dead after the guy has killed her?!

I'm still trying to get past the razor sharp barbs.

I know some people will have some things to say about this new contraption. So comment.

Oh and if you like, check out the Rape-aXe website.


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