Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me??

It's my birthday!!!!

Well, in 4 days, I will be turning the big 2-6. Yay! I am so over being 25, trust me, that age is so overrated. It should be a relaxing weekend, surrounded by my very cool (and very razz) friends. There will be lots of eating, drinking, and laughter, and love...and that's all I need.

Now that I am going to be 26, some things have crossed my mind. Well, namely, marriage. At this point, I can say a handful of my friends are engaged or married. I look at them like they crazy. Cuz they are. Marriage is no joke. I mean, this is one person that you are going to be with.....


Do people understand that? Not a few years, not a decade, but FOREVER. TIL DEATH DO Y'ALL PART. I am not saying I need a few years so I can date and have fun, no. It's just that you want to find that right person for you. Not perfect - cuz we KNOW that no man on this Earth is perfect. Like Bereola said on his website: "Your search for the perfect man is in vain. He died on the cross 2000+ years ago. Find God before you find a man". Homie was speakin' the TRUF!

I was reading this funny, yet eye-opening article by Tracy McMillan. I mean, I felt like homegirl was sitting opposite me and reading my mind. Yes I have been "the liar", I have been "selfish", hell, I even thought I was not good enough (what in the world made me think that? Pray for me y'all). The advice she gives in her article is ummmm...let me put it this way, I'm a stubborn girl. Shooo, I want a tall-ass, fine-ass, rich-ass chocolate lookin' brotha, and I may not get fine-ass or even rich-ass...but what is wrong with a 5'10 girl wanting to be with a man who is 6'1?? WHY would I want to be with a short person? Physically, it don't look good, and let's not get into what it would be like in bed...oooo chile.

But bottom line is that once you admit that you do want to get married, and stop being too shallow (I mean, you have to have standards, but if you are that picky to the point of how his nose should be shaped/how wide her hips should be, ma'am/sir...), things may get easier. So rethink your priorities. Just know that personality is what matters. Looks fade, but personality remains the same...well, if your personality changes, then methinks you should check yourself into some kind of psych ward.........................................joking....................................well, not really.

Here's a way you can see what you should look for in the opposite sex: write down all the physical attributes on one column and personality traits on another column. Then go down each column and rate each trait on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being "it doesn't really matter" and 5 being "I will die if this person doesn't have this". That should make you rethink what is important and what isn't.

So, on that note, ladies and gents, I hope you have a fabulous weekend...I know I will.

Happy Birthday to meee!!!!

this love right herrre....