Tuesday, February 1, 2011

God Did It.

Yes, that is my quote of the year.

Happy New Year folks!! Hope your December/January was as amazing as mine. I have to say that I have missed blogging. So much has been happening. And it's February.


I have been going through quite a bit emotionally. Just trying to figure things out. I'm almost done with school (halfway through this class, and two left...I canNOT wait..Sept 11, 2011, and I will never go to another class. EVER.), and the next step is:

Where am I going to work? Am I staying in the States, or will I be going somewhere else?

At this moment, I don't care where I go. Just as long as you are giving me money worth a Bachelor's in Mathematical Statistics and an MBA, and it's not in some podunk area, then we good. I need high rise buildings and black people.

My cousin had her traditional engagement over Christmas, and it was so much fun, but from that LONG night, I have concluded that:

1) 1000 people will not be coming to my engagement/wedding. I don't know 1000 people, so I don't see why I should be having 800 strangers at one of the most important events of my life. So all you random wedding crashers, best believe, you will not make it past the entrance. So don't waste your clothes and/or time.

2) my mother better not try anything silly by inviting people I don't know or remember, i.e. all the women who have known me since I was ankle high. Look woman, I don't KNOW you, so stop.

3) I don't like extravagance. I can't do it. All the extraness, not necessary. But I may have to holler at Uche Majekodunmi for decorations. Loved what she did at my cousin's engagement.

4) my husband better know how to dance because....those nights, we will not sit down ONCE.

5) the DJ better kill it...I don't need to hear "Oleku" more than once. There are many other songs in this WORLD that I will be dancing to. DJ Preview and DJ Zimo, save the date...whenever that is.

6) the food better be ON POINT. I eat. A lot. So, all you budding caterers, holla in a couple years.

This year, I believe that God is in control. He has been in control from January 1, 2011, and He will be in control through to December 31, 2011...and beyond. Amen.

I went to a Prayer Retreat over the weekend (shoutout to Jesus' House DC), and one thing I know I will be doing is that I will be doing a lot more praying and more PRAISING. The miracles that will be happening this year. I am excited because I am expectant.

I hope to blog more this year, because in 9 months, I will be FREE from school work, so more random thoughts coming your way.

Remember: God did it. And He will keep doing it until there's nothing else to do. :)

Stay blessed.

P.S. It's my birthday month!! 20 days until the day the world changed 26 years ago. I love birthdays, but that will be another post. :)...apparently, I am an Aquarius now, thanks to the new sign. Ummm, all you astrologers Imma need for you to move thatta way *pointing to the left* ...I am Pisces, and your stupid new sign will not change it. Thanks and bye.