Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"another a$$ pic?" "no, that's my stomach"

That's what my friend said to me when he saw my BBM picture. And that did something to me. Although he didn't mean what he said, it made me think twice about my gymming, or lack thereof.

Ever since the surgery, I have been so lazy with my workout regime. My two-a-days have become three times a week. I love the treadmill, but I need motivation. I see gorgeous Naomi Campbell, stunning Selita Ebanks, beautiful Gisele (who has a child by the way, and she still looks like that), or even Ms. Halle Berry (by the way, apparently some of these women have never stepped foot in the gym) and I think "what if?" what if I push myself, will I lose the 15 lbs I have been tryin to lose since April? What if I just stop working out, what would happen? Ok, that's a stupid question. But still...........

In my family, all the women are full-figured. They are real African women - the hips, the butt....and as sexy as that sounds, when they are in excess, it's not as sexy. I love the women in my family, but I don't want to reach that point. I CAN'T reach that point. Even if it means working out for the rest of my life. Now to find different types of exercise, because I gotta stay lookin' good. 

Now a lot of y'all might think I'm insecure (I'm not), and I shouldn't worry about it (I should), and I look good (I know). But I have to be careful, otherwise I will have the hips and ass - in excess.

I love my curves, I know that I will NEVER be stick thin. This a$$ is not going anywhere, that's for damn sure.

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  1. Ayo, please, you aren't that bad and your stomach, in no way shape or form, looks like anyone's arse.

    I just purchased the Sean T Hip Hop Ads series-- we shall see if I lose the 6 inches in 6 days around the waist.


    But you know, just start steady-- I've been trying to run 2-3 miles at least 4 times a week and minimize carb intake.