Sunday, May 13, 2012


"Persistence is a vital link to obtaining victory." - Joyce Meyer.

I know that I have not posted anything in a while. So much has happened in the past year that I did not get a chance to write as much as I should.

Joyce Meyer's "Promises for Your Everyday Life" is something I look forward to reading everyday. There is always something that sticks with me. The quote at the beginning definitely applies to me and what I've been going through the past few months.

For the past 27 years of my life, I have been running away from something that has been in my blood. Somethings that comes naturally to me. What I was meant to be doing.


My father was a famous journalist in Nigeria, and after his death, I made a conscious decision to not do any type of journalism. I refused to study it (Studied Statistics and got my MBA...could I have run any further?!), but I still kept journal upon journal and wrote poems. But one thing I found myself doing more was editing. It irks me when something is poorly written. My eye for detail always found the most random mistakes in articles or papers. I cannot take someone seriously if they can't write/spell well. I always felt that sentences should not be more than two lines long; run-on sentences are a no-no; and if you cannot spell, or do not know the meaning of the word, do not use that word. The world would be a much better place if people followed these basic rules.

A few months ago, I spoke to a mentor of mine who pushed me into going to a writer's conference in New York City. I knew that my life was going to be different the moment I clicked "register". I have never been so nervous in my life. Doing this proved that all I had to do was take that first step, even though you may not see the whole staircase. Is that not what faith is?

The American Society of Journalists and Authors Conference was a two-day writers' bootcamp where you attended different breakout sessions about different types of writing. I was more concerned about which editors I was going to meet, what I was going to say, and how I could make these people love me. My mentor, Jackie Dishner, had this amazing quote in one of her blog posts:
"It's just best to follow the command when it first begins to make appearance. Otherwise, you can expect further annoyances - and failures that will make you doubt who you are. That's because you're not behaving like the you that you really are or were meant to be."
I felt like we were having this amazing one-on-one conversation...and we had not even met!

The first day was overwhelming. I was nervous, afraid, but incredibly excited. I learned so much, and I met so many amazing people. The second day was so much better, and I met even more people. They were so helpful in giving me information on what my next steps should be. I got so many business cards, and I gave so many of mine out too! Things seemed to be looking up.

But then, reality set in. I got home, and I found myself in this abyss of confusion. Okay, I know that the first thing to do is follow-up with the people I met, but then, what else I can do? OMG, am I doing the right thing? Is this really it?

I have been having those "far away from God" moments. I have not been praying and reading my Bible as much as I should be. So I was confused and unhappy.

I was expecting everything to change overnight. I would be hired as a copy editor for a magazine, I would be making so much money. Yes, it is naive, but cut me some slack here. I was on this high of finding my purpose, so I was expecting it to be smooth sailing from here. Then I saw the quote by Joyce Meyer, and it all made sense.

Persistence is the vital link to victory.

If I can apply it to working out, surely I can apply it to other important areas of my life. I do not know why I am so scared. If God has called me to this, then surely He has already made the path. I just need to take that first step...well, not the first step, but the next step.

I am pretty sure something's going to give. Something has to give. This is what I'm supposed to do.

As I go on this journey, I hope you will come with me. Be expecting more updates and more blog posts, because things are about to get really interesting.

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